Injection Mold Tech Basic Knowledge

Injection Mold Tech Basic Knowledge (Total 5 chapters)

P1.1 Types of Processes

P2.1 Types of Mold

P2.2 Types of Dies

P2.3 Tool Design

P3.1 Open Flash

P3.2 Fully Positive

P3.3 Semipositive

P3.4 Process Applicability

P4.1 Ejection of Molding

P4.2 Heating System

P4.3 Types of Presses

P4.4 Preheating

P4.5 Preforming

P4.6 Flash Removal

P4.7 Compression Molding

P5.1 Types of Injection Units

P5.2 Clamping Units

P5.3 Molds

P5.3.1 Mold Designs

P5.3.2 Number of Mold Cavities

P5.3.3 Runners

P5.3.4 Gating

P5.3.5 Venting

P5.3.6 Parting Line

P5.3.7 Cooling

P5.3.8 Ejection

P5.3.9 Standard Mold Bases

P5.4 Structural Foam Injection Molding

P5.5 Co Injection Sandwich Molding

P5.6 Gas Assisted Injection Molding

P5.7 Thermoplastics

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